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Three introduction of the United States of America winter Ze electric:

Reliable power supply is necessary. With microelectronics technology is widely used in electronic equipment, automation systems and equipment, transport, energy and communications and data systems technology, high security and reliable power supply has become the basic equipment is indispensable. Virtually all central electronic monitoring system should ensure the safe operation of failure of main power supply system. The equipment application data and communication technology requires not only by the main power supply, also need power supply DC battery system assisted by.

The United States of America winter Ze electric (APEPOWER) group is engaged in power technology research and production for decades, in Europe has become the world's leading power equipment manufacturer one.

The United States of America winter Ze electric (APEPOWER) groups have been committed to the development and production of high quality power supply system. These systems constitute the foundation has the best cost performance engineering solutions. Our engineers have the experience accumulated over the years, power supply system provides the best for all areas of the users.

The United States of America winter Ze electric (APEPOWER) group's products include rectifier, regulator, OEM power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply and power car battery charger. For many special needs, including in medicine and communication fields, complex and sophisticated power equipment using the technology of switching power supply. The key to success is the continuous development and innovation and the management method of production, the most modern, and success is dedicated and collaboration of all staff.


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