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Company profile (about APE International Enterprise Group) APE enterprise group has worked on technical research and production of CTP laser as well as industrial power source technology for several decades.We have developed into one of the worldwide leading factories in Europe. APE enterprise group devotes itself into exploiting and manufacturing high quality CTP with 830nm Fiber LD Assembly system .These system contribute to the base of the best performance and solution.With the skilled and experienced engineers,we provide the best assistance for our consumers in every field. APE enterprise group specializes in manufacturing high technological products, including CTP830nm Fiber LD Assembly , UPS System and the Battery .Aimed at meeting all kinds of special demands,including in the field of complex and precise Fiber LD Assembly,we adopt the most advanced technology in the world.The key to our success comes from Our constant exploitation,creation and the application of the most morden production and management methods .Aslo,our achivement is based on the staff's corperation contribution. APE enterprise group has already passed the certification of high grade from related authoritative organizations,which means we carry the strict quality standard through all links from devisal,exploitation,production ,assembly and service.Quality first is our company's clear purpose and principle.


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address:Office 705C, Tianhe Commercial Building ,Zhongshan Road Tianhe District, Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province , China